KOBE COLLECTION is an apparel trade show held semi-annually in Kobe,
Japan with Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter events held each year.
The show is themed by "What to wear in everyday life".
Hundereds of the best fashin-models and tv-stars are featured, and walk the
runway dressed in the latest fashion.

Popular artists and seacrets guests are also coming up!
Many kinds of booths are set in the event.
In those booths, fashion models' talk shows are held and you can get a
chance to take photos with models. Some product samples are availablein thoes event booths. Don't miss out!

There is also an event called "KOBE COLLECTION MARKET" in Kobe International Exhibition Hall, Hall No.3 Building.
"KOBE COLLECTION MARKET" is admission free. You can watch the livebroadcasting of "Kobe Collection" in this market.
There are also latest fashion shops, free hairdo space, and much more!